Stephanie and Romeo

 Romeo went to live with Stephanie. 

                                     They are quickly becoming friends. 

But of course, he is Romeo!  She has no power over his charm. 

She created a facebook gallery just for him. 

                                   And what a great adventure they had.

 Here are some examples:

Sephanie and Romeo help folks find great houses.


The owner kept telling him to get down, but he liked the view from up there!


...and another potty break

he said 'What? I am thirsty"

There were alot more photos from that day.
They obviously had a great time.  I’ll add some more later.
Thanks for the photos Stephanie!


Romeo Has Arrived!

Yes the newest member of Rusty and the Crew has arrived at the Crew’s hideaway here in coastal North Carolina.

He checked us out, and has decided to make this his home.

I conducted a short interview Romeo to help you get to know him a little better. 

                  Here are my questions and his answers:

                  Age            unknown….He wont give it up.                                          Says it restricts the older ladies if he is too young and the younger ones if he is too old.

             Place of residence      Where the action is and where the most fun can be found…he says both of those places are “anywhere he is at the time”.

                Height        Romeo is nine inches tall.  Or as he says “just tall enough to be your perfect match” 

                Breed         Chihuahua (“and a great one at that”)

            Hobbies     Making you happy!

 OK about that time I had to stop.  But I think you get the picture.

 Speaking of pictures, here is one with Romeo and Rusty so you can see his size.



If you think you could handle a pet like Romeo, just drop me a line at and I can have him come over.  He is already living with several new friends, so give him a call.   




Introducing ROMEO!

Well, it has happened!!!

 The newest member of The Crew has arrived.

 And his name is “Romeo

 He is a Chihuahua from south of the border.

Rusty met him on a trip to the Mayan ruins where they became best friends.

The whole Crew worked hard to get him across the border and settled in here at home.

 There should be photos of him on the site in the next several days, and you will just love him.

Romeo is the smallest of all The Crew, yet I think he will be one of the fiesty-est!   

 Anyway,  check back soon and get your first chance to see what he looks like. 

 You will love him!



A Guard Puppy?


I received this photo of Puppy standing alone on the apartment steps. 

           He looks fearless in his defense of the house.

You may laugh, but since Puppy has been keeping watch,

                                     the owners say they have had no break-ins.

      So he must be good!



Look at what Rusty tried…

Rusty was out the othere night and tried a new beer… not because he likes beer

but because the beer had such a cool name and artwork.

Saint Arnolds …. NOT regular but


                           Lawnmower Beer

Yes he drank “Saint Arnolds Fancy Lawnmower Beer”!

Yes it is real!

It was Rusty… what could I do?


Christmas Cooking

I just received this photo of Oscar learning to cook from

                                           the famous clothing designer and chef, Emily.                       

 He was helping her make cookies.  

                                      Knowing Oscar, he probably ate more than he made.

Dogs with a Heritage
















Over the past few weeks I have been seeing something I had not anticipated. 

 I knew Rusty and the Crew were fun dogs and would gather a lot of interest, but this is a way I never thought.

                      I have seen a number of people purchasing the dogs and having                  them painted to resemble a lost pet. I know there is no replacing a family dog, but if these guys can make someone feel better, and in some way remind them of a lost friend.  Then I am glad to be part of it. 

                       The purpose of designing The Crew was to make people smile.  I just never thought of doing it this way. 

                                         But I am glad someone did.


If you would like to remember a lost pet, let me know  your needs, and we will try to make it happen.